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Business Growth

At B3B Consulting, LLC, our mission is to help technology, healthcare and professional services companies fire up their growth engine. We know that many small and mid-size businesses struggle to hit growth targets. But we also know that growth success is attainable for any business.

B3B Consulting LLC is led by Bill Gilbert. Bill has years of experience developing, launching and growing new services and new companies. His work encompasses technology companies, telecom, healthcare, professional services and start-ups.

We focus on a disciplined approach to business growth. No silver bullets: instead, “roll up the sleeves” step-by-step ways to identify, unlock and capture growth potential.

In addition to his business acumen, Bill is a high-performance driving enthusiast and well-known driving instructor, both in the car and in the classroom. Bill applies 100% focus and attention to detail when driving at over 100 mph and he does the same for B3B Consulting clients.

High performance driving requires very consistent, repeatable actions (e.g. turn at exactly the same point and speed, lap after lap). Business growth benefits from similar discipline. That disciplined approach drives B3B Consulting work.

The company takes particular pride in tailoring its work by taking a deep dive into each client’s business. B3B Consulting does not take a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, the process starts with a detailed look at each client’s business, industry and competitors. Even before the first meeting.

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Focus on Your Business

B3B Consulting focus is on the few inter-related industries where we have extensive experience: technology, healthcare and related professional services. This means we are a quick study and can ramp up fast. For example, we already know your industry jargon, trends and major players. And we know how to communicate in your language and, just as importantly, your customers’ language. We can dive into the techy world if we need to without getting lost!

The B3B Consulting priority is to understand your unique challenges and only then to recommend actions to solve them. Generating growth isn’t easy but our process maps practical steps that drive results.

How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Expertise and real world experience to help businesses of all sizes increase revenue and profit.

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