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Welcome To B3B Consulting, LLC

At B3B Consulting, LLC, we help technology companies fire up their growth engine.  We know that many small and mid-size businesses struggle to hit their growth targets. But we also know that growth success is attainable for any business.

We focus on proven growth strategies for technology, healthcare and professional services firms. No silver bullets: instead, “roll up the sleeves” ways to identify, unlock and capture growth potential.

Services We Provide

Consulting Services that focus on, and deliver, business growth

About B3B Consulting LLC

B3B Consulting LLC is led by Bill Gilbert. Bill has years of experience developing, launching and growing new services and new companies. His work encompasses technology companies, telecom, healthcare, professional services and start-ups.
In addition, Bill is a high-performance driving enthusiast and well-known driving instructor, both in the car and in the classroom. Bill applies 100% focus and attention to detail when driving at over 100 mph and he does the same for his consulting clients.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority is to understand your unique challenges and only then to recommend actions to solve them. Generating growth isn’t easy but our process maps practical steps that drive results.

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We’ve “been there, done that.” New product taking too long to develop?  Growth metrics way behind? We can help with quick diagnostics and practical fixes.


Tired of scattershot marketing and sales programs? Our approach leverages what you know to build a complete growth engine.


Your business is unique which drives your unique growth path. We help you highlight your specific strengths and differentiation.


Your industry drives constraints and opportunities. In technology, healthcare and professional services, we know how they work.


Growing companies have a plan that sets targets, allocates resources and measures progress. Too many small and mid-size businesses don’t have an adequate plan.
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Get Your Growth Audit

Our growth audit provides a quick assessment of your current situation with specific recommendations for next steps. Designed to be done fast, we rely on information you provide and a small number of interviews. The result is a high level road map for the actions needed to get your growth engine running on all cylinders. We guarantee satisfaction. Always led personally by Bill Gilbert.

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